Top 3 amazing Leaky homes Auckland companies you can trust

At any point, you ever thought that your house exterior is in danger? The chances are your house must be leaky and if you don’t appoint the experts then this can become a serious problem. Whether you live in a building or apartment, it can be a great task to fix leaky issues. So you must be careful while buying a new house to ensure this problem does not bother you anytime soon.

Below we have listed 3 amazing Leaky homes Auckland companies you can trust that will help you with their expertise and knowledge to give you the best services.

1) Surecoat:

If your house is leaky then it needs repairing and your best choice should be surecoat that are well established and trustworthy house repair experts. They are the only one to prevent this epidemic. Here are their services:

• Waterproofing

• Plaster cracking repairs

Property maintenance


Weather tight remediation


2) House spy:

With house spy, you can get your house report in just 24 hours. They are the inspection expert of the buildings and apartments. They have the team to take out the moisture no matter how serious it is with inside walls. Let’s take a look at their services,

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Solid sheet and plaster for timber wall frame

• Textured plaster for cladding

Cement based sheeting with plaster for interior walls

Friendly behavior

Affordable price

3) Leonard:

Leonard is another fantastic leaky homes Auckland company and knows how to handle their jobs. Dealing with a leaky home can be very stressful and that’s why they are here to help you to make the impossible task possible. Here are their services,

Free building survey

Plan of action

High quality recladding

• Complete house renovation

Accurate price estimates

2 years of guarantee

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